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Crystal Salt

Leaders Past & Present

Early in the church's history, it was felt that there was a need for a plurality of leaders to guide the fellowship. Since the subject of Eldership was being studied by the leading men in the fellowship, 'provisional leaders' were first appointed. These were Chris Duval, Rawle Tyson, Joseph Campbell, Douglas Simpson, and Fitz-Maurice Linton.

Elders are the primary leaders of the church with responsibility for the pastoral care of the church. They are assisted by Deacons whose primary role centers on the material needs of the church.

The first appointees as Elders were Joseph Campbell (1982-93) and Gary Marr (1982-87) and the first deacons were Carl Evans (1982-95) and Larry Alexander (1982-85).

Subsequently, the following persons were appointed as Elders. The elders are referred to as Pastors.

Bruce Fletcher (1984-2015); Michael 'Kov' Nicholson (1985-89); Rawle Tyson (1989-present); Harry Walcott (1994-present); Michael Anderson (1998-2000); Bruce Polson and Michael McAnuff-Jones (2006-present).

Those presently serving as elders are Rawle Tyson (1989-present); Harry Walcott (1994-present); Michael Anderson (1998-2000); Bruce Polson and Michael McAnuff-Jones (2006-present).

Gary Messado was appointed as Youth and Young Adult Pastor in 2021.

The following persons have served as Deacons: Douglas Simpson (1984-88); Bruce Polson (1987-2004); Harry Walcott (1990-94); Michael Robinson; Raby Williams; David Cook; Richard DeLisser; Michael Anderson; Wayne Rochester (1998-2005); Michael McAnuff-Jones (1998-2006), and Frankie McGibbon, and Josef Curtis.

Those currently serving as deacons are: Broderick Bowes, Lawrence Madden, Andre Quallo, Floyd Wilson and Raul Pinnock


Over the years, several persons have rendered vital service to the church in the area of administration; these include Keith Reid, Orinthia Smith, Anna Atkinson, Esther Tyson, Rosie Fletcher, Novlette Marr, Aprylle-Dawn Lewis-Haye, Karen McGibbon and Rohan Forbes.

Lorna Laidley has served as our Church Administrator/Director Administration since 1993.

Leaders Past & Present
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